$100 punter profit = $13988

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Level stakes
Outlay / Total Bets = 821
Wins = 246
Loss = 575
Return = 960.88
Strike rate = 30.0%
Profit = 139.88 units
ROI = 17.04%
Period = 22 months​

Form Line Picks free horse racing tips


Great horse racing tips 

Form Line Picks Staking Plan Strategy:
This is a long term return on investment (ROI) strategy – only invest a maximum of 1 betting unit per selection, this is generally 1% of our betting bank – in fact when you have a substantial betting bank invest only 0.50% or 0.33% betting units if you are more conservative. Great results come from a long term view, not from one weekend. Stick solid to your system. 
Form lIne Picks staking plan rules

Important rule 1. - When a selection is paying $2.50 or more a place = place bet only. NO each way bets.
Important rule 2. - When a selection is under $2.50 a place and over $2 a win = win bet only.
Important rule 3. - When a selection win bet is under $2 = no bet.
Important rule 4. - There will be losing days, risk management is key; never risk more than 1% per selection.

Important rule 5. - Best results will be achieved by having 4 or 5 accounts = Find best odds



form line picks, free horse racing tips

Form Line Picks is all about making tax free profits for investors / punters who enjoy a bet on the races! The service is designed to satisfy the needs of all investors / punters, whether you're a beginner or a seasoned professional. Form Line Picks provide a professional, easy to understand horse racing tips and staking plan service. This covers everything we do from sourcing data, compiling the ratings, form analysis and selections.

As part of your horse racing tips package, the service and data you receive from Form Line Picks is tested and reliable information. 
Form Line Picks use a sophisticated statistic based ratings system to identify our selections. 

There is no Secret to making money using Form Line Picks free racing selection system.

It's simple, you need a few dedicated sports betting accounts. Dedicated sports betting accounts serves 2 purpuses.

1. Allows you to find the best odds over the agenies for each and every selection

2. Successful investment strategy takes discipline, dedication and careful money management. We all know how easy it is to put the odd bet on the side and loss your bundle. FLP wants you to profit. Dedicating your account to one system will provide a sound account. If you cannot do this at least keep a running total for the system.